A - Bad Idea Lyrics

A - Bad Idea Lyrics AZ
From album : How Ace Are Buildings? (1997)
Artist : A

Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea!
Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea!

99% is great, the other 1% I hate
Little things keep bugging at my head

Wake up calls Bad idea!
Smack and that Bad idea!
Fashion cafe Bad idea!
Friendly fire, GMTV
Darker mornings Bad idea!
And pay per view Bad idea!
Litter dropping Bad idea!
I made a list, I've got the lot, and all the stuff is all I'm taught
It's not fair, but I don't care not me

Rocky 5 Bad idea!
And indie shite Bad idea!
KKK Bad idea!
Number crunching, bungy jumping
Paying taxes Bad idea!
And Pavement cracks Bad idea!
Car alarms Bad idea!
Dinosaurs and protest songs are a bad idea!

Give me and B-A-D-I-D-E-AAAAAA
Bad idea!

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